Don’t stop playing! The best alternatives to Hamachi

When it comes to connecting to online multiplayer networks, there are some limitations that make the process difficult. Depending on the game and the location of the participants, it is often necessary to make settings that are not easy and accessible to everyone. Therefore, there are alternatives to create networks that pretend to be local and simplify connections . The most famous of these apps is Hamachi, which has been around for a long time already. However, it is not the only one and many times it is not the most convenient for the use we want to give it. Therefore, we present these alternatives to Hamachi so that you have options when establishing a connection and never stop playing your favorite games.

What is Hamachi?

First of all, it is necessary to remember exactly what Hamachi is and what it is for . It is a very simple tool that allows you to create local area networks (LAN) in a virtual way. Thus, users who connect to the network can share files of all kinds and play in multiplayer mode as if they were in the same room.

Hamachi uses VPNs to emulate a local network for gamer use or any other type. Even different companies use this tool to work. The free version supports up to five connected users , while the paid version supports 256 users. This last option is more oriented to companies or large organizations.

But not everything is color of roses. Users report some latency issues that slow down connectivity. In addition, the limited capacity of five users is often too small for the demands of gamers. For this reason, many people choose one of the alternatives to Hamachi to improve some of these aspects.

Alternatives to Hamachi: FreeLan

alternatives to Hamachi

One of the most valued options is FreeLan . It is a completely free application, which is also open source . By using the OpenSSL library, data ciphers offer multiple alternatives. This makes the application one of the safest and most private , aspects highly valued by users.

Both the use and the installation are very simple, which facilitates the experience for inexperienced users. In addition, for the more advanced, there are many possible configurations for the virtual network. For example, Client-Server , Peer-to-peer or Hybrid modes can be selected.



This Hamachi alternative has some unique features, both for the better and for the worse. On the positive side, it should be noted that it is the most secure and stable application among those listed , as it uses a single proprietary controller to establish the private network. This makes it one of the preferred options for gamers.

Now, on the other hand, it must be borne in mind that not all games can be run with this program. Unlike Hamachi, GameRanger only works with a limited number of games . If the one you want to play is on the list, it is undoubtedly the best option you can choose.

Alternatives to Hamachi: NetOverNet

alternatives to Hamachi

This option stands out for its simplicity and simplicity when using it. Although it is oriented to a more general use, and not specifically gaming, it can be used without problems for online games. In fact, it has very good reviews in this regard, in terms of security and data privacy .

On the negative side, it must be clarified that, despite being one of the alternatives to Hamachi, it does not solve one of the main limitations too much. In its free version NetOverNet only supports a maximum of eight users , which is not a great improvement.

Alternatives to Hamachi: Radmin VPN


The Radmin VPN application has very good performance in terms of connection speed </ strong > and privacy , so it is one of the preferredas by gamers users. In addition, it has high stability and security , and its use is very easy for users without much technical knowledge.

Of course, we must also mention the limitations of this platform. The main one, which can cause more than one headache, is incompatibility . It can only be used on computers with Windows operating system. That is, it will not be possible to connect with users who use macOS or GNU / Linux. And neither will it be possible to create networks between mobiles or mixed with PC and mobile. Outside of that, it is still one of the good alternatives to Hamachi.

SoftEther VPN


When it comes to the versatility of devices that can connect to the network, SoftEther VPN is unbeatable. It can be used not only on Windows, macOS, and Linux, but also on FreeBSD and Solaris. It also has unique features, such as the ability to run firewall-protected VPN servers . Security makes it not only an option chosen by gamers, but also by a large number of companies for their workers. The control of access IPs function allows limiting the users who connect, establishing different levels of usability.

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