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The use of the Adobe Dreamweaver program is highly extended among professionals in the sector. For the creation and design of responsive web applications it is the most used. In addition, as part of Creative Cloud from Adobe , it can be purchased both individually and in the entire application suite. However, it is not the only option available for the web edition that exists today. That is why we present you the different alternatives to Dreamweaver free to use that can be found.

It is good to note that the Dreamweaver program is widely used for its efficiency and usability . The interface it presents is extremely familiar to Photoshop or Illustrator users. In addition, it allows to review modifications in real time , viewing the changes without having to refresh the browser. It has code validation that makes programming much easier, it is compatible with CSS processes and with PHP , CSS Bootstrap framework for responsive design and connectivity with the other Creative Cloud applications, among other features. Let’s see if the alternatives are up to Dreamweaver.

Alternatives to Dreamweaver: BlueGriffon


This editor is one of the main alternatives to Dreamweaver that can be found. It allows the creation of pages in HTML4 , HTML5 and XHTML with the possibility of review in real time . In addition, it is available in several languages, including Spanish, for both Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu.

Among the main features we can mention the integration with HTML5 , the CSS and SVG editor , the management of FontSquirrel and Google fonts. Fonts , menus and customizable keyboard shortcuts. In the weak points, it should be noted that does not have PHP compatibility , and the user interface is not the simplest.

On the other hand, it has a paid version that expands the features of the free version. For example, an optimized CSS editor, a Toolkit manager that allows you to easily add multiple JavaScript and CSS files, and more than 2,500 design templates.



This free license editor is also available for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu operating systems in more than twenty languages, including Spanish. Although it is not one of the most complete alternatives to Dreamweaver, it does have some interesting features in the case of a free and free program . The easy toggle between preview and code , the integrated CSS editor, adjustable menu, spell check, tabs for simultaneous work , FTP page manager, among other functionalities. In addition, it has a good number of extensions to add functionality to a very light program, with a simple and intuitive interface .

Among the main disadvantages, it should be mentioned that its development is interrupted, which is why does not have such recent updates . This means that, for example, does not have PHP support nor HTML5 nor CSS3 standards .

Alternatives to Dreamweaver: Brackets

The Adobe company itself developed this open source web editor, and a really big community has been generated around it. It can be used both in Windows and MacOS as well as in Linux, although the latter does not have all the functionalities. The open source community has enabled a large number of extensions that add functionality such as the WYSIWYG editor (whay you see is what you get).

The main features include fast editing of HTML , CSS and JavaScript all in the same code and live preview (although not from the program, but from the Google Chrome browser). Among the disadvantages, we can name the non-compatibility with PHP and the lack of all the plugins in the Linux version.

Aptana Studio

alternatives to Dreamweaver

This is one of the most complete alternatives to Dreamweaver that can be found. PuIt can be used in both Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. It has a high compatibility of technologies and languages ​​, including PHP , Python , HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript .

Other features include a code wizard that detects errors and impurities, an integrated debugger , upload and download wizard, version controller and a flexible development environment that allows you to optimize usability by scripting for commands or shortcuts. Among the cons of the program, it should be mentioned that the graphical interface is quite complex and is only available in English . Outside of that, it is a great option to replace the Adobe program.

Alternatives to Dreamweaver: Atom

The Atom editor is an open source program that has lots of plugins and extensions from the user community. With the correct plugin, this alternative supports a large number of languages ​​such as PHP , Ruby , Java , C , C ++ , Python , Perl , HTML , CSS and JavaScript .

The functionalities offered by the program through its own plugins are very diverse. The package manager that allows the installation of functions, the code autocomplete tool, color accentuation, version control and a command box of easy access to get work done faster. It is one of the best alternatives to Dreamweaver due to its large number of add-ons, thanks to the more than 90 packages available .

Among the questionable points, only the lack of languages ​​ can be mentioned, as it is only available in English. Also dubious are some plugins that automatically report bugs or crashes, but can easily be disabled.

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