The best alternatives to Roll20

Do you get an indescribable emotion when you think about going into a dungeon and throwing the dice? So this article is for you, we will explain everything you need to know about Roll20 and we will give you the possible alternatives to Roll20 so that you can take your roll game to the next level.

What is Roll20?

Roll 20

Roll20 is wonderful, is basically a virtual table or board that allows you to enjoy a more dynamic gaming experience. It already has five million users and its success lies in simplicity: It is free and completely online, you should not install or download anything on your computer to use it, you just have to run it in your browser.

Roll20 Gameplay

Of course not everything is perfect in life and Roll20 has paid versions. After having spent a long time testing the platform we can affirm that it is not necessary to use paid versions unless you are game director and you want to play a lot and by a lot we mean a lot! For the rest, if you only want to play, the free versions will be great.

You can pay Roll20 annually or monthly as it suits you, the plans vary their costs, but you do not need to switch to the paid version if you do not want to be a dungeon master frequently, for example. Monthly payment plans start at $ 5 and end at $ 10, depending on your requirements, each plan offers different tools to manage and expanded storage capabilities.

However Roll20 is one of the many alternatives that allow you to play roll online, is not the only one. There are many different options to Roll20, free, paid, from the simplest plugins like dice throwers to the most complete platforms like fantasy grounds.

Alternatives to Roll 20

We did the homework for you, if you want to try all the modalities of online boards and you are not satisfied with only the most popular here we bring you the best page options that look like Roll20.

MapTool :

Map Tool Logo

This tool is completely free , unlike Roll20 it does not have versions or paid memberships. It has the peculiarity of being open source, that is, it is always in development, anyone can collaborate and add elements to the program. It is much more flexible in creation than Roll20, but it is also more complex to use, is not the most intuitive alternative, in fact we would dare to say that it is the most difficult, the strength of its creators was not the interface.

The disadvantage of Map Tool is that it does not completely replace all the needs of a roll game, so can be considered as a really complete map maker, but not as a powerful digital board.

Map Tool is for you if you want to give free rein to your creativity when creating scenarios, but we recommend you first see a tutorial and consult some forums.

Fantasy Grounds :

fantasy grounds logo

Possibly the preferred alternative to Roll20, it has the advantage that you can make a single payment for life to buy your license, the prices to acquire a membership vary between $ 40 and $ 150.

An advantage you have when using Fantansy Grounds is the lightness of the maps, which allows you to play faster and share them more efficiently.

The disadvantage of this platform: It is completely paid, does not have free versions that are functional.

Battlegrounds RPG Edition :

This is a viable alternative to Roll20 , it has the advantage that you can make a single payment, however licenses are a bit expensive. The web page in our opinion is not very well finished nor is it very intuitive, however the program is easy to use.

Battlegrounds: RPG Edition has a free downloadable trial version, we recommend you take a look first.

Which of the alternatives to Roll20 is your favorite, where do you feel more comfortable playing?

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