Here are the alternatives to Audacity

Do you need to edit your audios? If you are a content creator and you are looking for the best option to bring your projects to life without many complications, you came to the ideal place. In this article we will show you all the possibilities that the program offers as well as an analysis of the best alternatives to Audacity.

The first thing you need to know about Audacity is that it is free, free, open source, to use it you just have to download it from its official page . It is not only for free use but it is also open source, anyone can improve it and suggest modifications.

With Audacity or any similar program you can not only edit but also directly record your audios or sounds, that is why this type of tool is so popular. They will help you create your podcast or improve your YouTube videos, their possibilities are endless.

What makes programs like Audacity or similar stand out is their simplicity, is simple to use, friendly to all users, you will not need any previous experience with sound software. It really is very easy to use, a YouTube tutorial will suffice if you want to learn how to use it in its entirety.

Audacity was created twenty years ago, was launched as a free use program in 2000, but it was not until 2009 that it became fully popular, its open source has allowed it to remain in force until 2020, two decades later.

This simple and versatile program allows you to import, export and edit a wide variety of formats. You can work with several audio tracks at the same time and you have the most basic tools to achieve an excellent result.

Programs like Audacity are not for “Pro” sound cleaning or editing, for this type of task you will need specialized software. But with its tools you are very good for all kinds of amateur projects.

We have made for you a list of programs with the same characteristics as Audacity, we list them in no specific order:

Alternatives to Audacity, the most similar programs:

WavePad :

One of the best alternatives you pay to the Audacity that you will get. You have all the classic functions that you expect from an audio editor plus a great gallery of sounds that will be very useful in your projects.

It also has more sound modifying effects than its colleague the Audacity. You can let your creativity flow with Wave Pad.

What WavePad offers:

  • It allows to edit the audio of the videos directly, without having to separate the two sources. This functionality is perfect if you are a YouTuber and want to improve the audio without having to use extra tools.
  • It has a tool dedicated to synthesizing texts and converting them into narrations.
  • Like Audacity it provides an extremely useful spectrum analyzer.

Ocenaudio :

We chose this one because is completely free and free to use just like Audacity , it has some subtleties that make it different from its contender.

Ocenaudio stands out for having editing alternatives that Audacity lacks, for example, you can apply a modification or filter to different parts of the audio at the same time on different tracks, will save you hours of work if you are using too many effects.

What Ocenaudio offers:

  • All the basic components that you hope to find in an audio editor plus some tools to make your work easier when editing.
  • Better performance with very long sound tracks, is the ideal free program to work with multiple audio tracks of long duration. As you may have already verified, in some cases, Audacity gives an error or gets complicated when you work with tracks too long.

Wavosaur :

The free, simple and light audio editor. None compares when it comes to practicality, weighs exactly one mega, it is very easy to install and download.

Despite its size it should not be underestimated, on the contrary, it offers all the basic audio editing alternatives plus some amazing functionalities.

What Wavosaur offers:

  • Ability to open more than one file per session.
  • All basic editing tools.
  • It has a functionality to convert audios into texts and export them later.

AudioDope :

The most similar alternative you will find to Audacity, has practically the same functionalities and is completely free, light and updated to the modern needs of sound editors.

It has all the basic tools plus some developed by its creators, perfectly handles all common and uncommon audio formats.

In this case it is completely a matter of taste, the functionalities of both programs are very similar, they are differentiated by their interfaces. We recommend you to try both softwares first, to see which one suits you best.

We could continue naming alternatives to Audacity , the internet is full of them, however these are the four options that offer you some differences, or in the case of AduioDope, the same functionalities.

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