All the best Alternatives to Avast

If you are undecided about which antivirus to use and you are looking for an option similar to Avast, you should read this article. We will explain what these types of free antivirus are good for and why not. We will also give you a detailed list of all the alternatives to Avast on the market.

Avast is a recognized and popular antivirus and security software created by the Czech company called ALWIL. This product was developed in the nineties. By 2020, it already has a representative market share of more than 20%. It is the best known free antivirus on the market and one of the most widely used.

Why use Avast?

The popularity of Avast antivirus comes from the inclusion of a fully functional free erson in computer security, navigation, firewall tools, anti-stamp and anti-spyware.

Initially the name of the antivirus was “Anti-Virus * Advanced-Set” but over time it became known by its initials as Avast. Since 2015, fifteen years after its launch, the official name of the product became “Avast” as we know it today.

Avast synths “Stop” in the pirate gerga, of which the best-known word is the popular “Parley,” to call for peaceful surrender.

Without further curious information, we offer you the list of or options similar to Avast in the universe of antivirus.

  1. Windows Defender

This is a program built by the American company Microsoft to defend your computer from viruses, spywares or any intruder with malicious intent.

Windows defender is completely free and does not have any type of advertising included.

Download Windows Defender

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This is a viable alternative to Avast, it is considered an anti-hacking device, it has the distinction of working for both Windows and Apple. This anti-virus can remove malicious programs and repair files damaged by them.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

  1. Avira Antivirus

Avira is a good alternative, it provides more than basic protection for your computer. This is the option on the list that best reacts to detect and block security flaws that lead to malicious software.

It is also a completely free antivirus.

Get Avira Antivirus

  1. Norton Security Premium

Norton is one of the most popular options to replace Avast. This system can be implemented on Windows, Mac and Android. The advantage of Norton Security Premium antivirus is its detection capacity, it uses an expanded and updated database based on a cloud that allows you to learn daily about possible threats.

Download Norton Security Premium

  1. AVG AntiVirus

AVG is completely free and will provide you with basic protection. It is perfect for home equipment, it is updated daily and alerts you every time it does. You will be able to remember him for his mythical phrase that usually sounds at full volume: “The virus database has been updated.”

AVG monitors every move you make while your computer is connected to the internet, making it difficult for something to access your system without permission.

If you are going to use this antivirus, the only recommendation we can make is to turn down the volume of the bugles at night, the Spanish narrator can give you a good scare if the database is updated in the middle of the morning.

Download AVG AntiVirus

  1. Comodo Internet Security

This alternative to Avast has a free version and is characterized by having several levels of protection to help hackers with your personal information. It is very easy to use and install, it is probably the preferred option for Avast, some say it is more effective than its contender, while others recommend Avast instead.

Download Comodo Internet Security

  1. HitmanPro

The most peculiar Avast-like antivirus of all. We could not stop recommending it to you because in the first place it is protable, you can take it on your USB key everywhere.

Second it is completely safe, it has all the basic versatility you expect from a free antivirus.

Last but not least, this alternative to Avast can work together with any other antivirus, you can add an extra layer of security by having it without dispensing with your preferred antivirus.

Download HitmanPro

And these are all the alternatives available to Avast .

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