These are All Alternatives to Discord

Hello Gamer! If you are here it is because you want to expand your gaming experience using programs like Discord, or because you simply want to be able to communicate effectively with your team.

In this post we will explain everything you need to know about Discord, how it works, what tools it has and we will also give you several alternatives to Discord that you did not know.

What is Discord?

It is a platform created and developed in order to be able to better socialize and communicate during different games or related. Its most common use is through group chat rooms. B is basically a tool like Zoom or Skype focused on the gaming market, a Must Have of any gamer starter pack.

The advantage of Discord is that it is available cross-platform, it works perfectly for both PC and mobile devices. It can be installed directly in some browsers without the need to run the program.

If you are looking for ways to expand communication during games with your clan, team, or your adventure partners, Discord is perfect for you. You can continue chatting or talking to your friends while you play, you must not be inside the application, it is great to complement it with any game.

What makes Discord different?

Discord bases its success on the ability to combine useful tools from other apps under its simple and intuitive interface. Besides being a platform focused on gaming, it has different and optimized features. For example, while you are playing a game you can make a low latency voice call to another user, this will have much less impact on the response speed of the game.

This platform has thematic servers, so it has become a kind of social network for gamers and fans of any geek theme. You can find private and public chat rooms focused on different themes and games, you could join a discussion about Magic the gathering, or create your own chat room about the best squads in Fortnite.

Discord is totally free, you can collaborate with it by donating or buying games in its store. It also has a couple of monthly memberships, more symbolic than anything else. You could pay $ 5 a month to access avatars in chat, but there is nothing limiting when it comes to using the app for free.

To log into Discord you just have to go to its official website and look for the “Log in” button. If you want to use it on your mobile, you can download the App for free.

Discord is not unique in its kind and depending on the uses you want to give it there are alternatives that you can use.

Alternatives to Discord, the most similar programs:


TeamSpeak is presented as an application to communicate with your team members , it is completely developed to be used in the gaming world and is slightly less extensive than Discord, more focused on chatting and playing.

Its strengths are:
  1. Lag-free voice chat, with automatic microphone calibration and echo cancellation, the basics of being able to speak fluently during a game.
  2. Personalize the experience by deciding who can speak and who can’t, as well as saying who can join the channels.

Troop Messenger:

This is an app designed to take your WhatsApp groups to the next level, allows you to make communication with your work team more effective. It has the advantage of having multiple tools and of keeping absolutely all the record of the chats for future uses.

In addition Troop Messenger allows to create conferences with multiple users simultaneously, it offers useful tools during its execution.

Troop Messenger’s strengths:
  1. Forkout: Tool to send mass messages to the group with a single click.
  2. Respond Later: This is a tool to postpone certain responses from messages to a certain date.
  3. Jumper: With this tool you can start a private conversation during any conference or group chat.


This is the most direct Discord competition for non-gamers, unlike Discord it can be used in conjunction with tools from other developers. Slack is compatible with GitHub, MailChimp, to name a few examples.

Of all the applications for group chats, this one stands out for its interface, takes first prize if we talk about friendly interfaces, there is no other that competes in this department.

The points in favor of Slack:
  1. You can upload any file just by dragging and dropping it in the application window.
  2. You can mention people to get their attention even if they are offline, with the classic “PING”.


It is a true alternative and competition to Discord, its developers created a powerful project manager and mixed it with an effective communication tool.

Of the paid applications it is the best option for educational projects , school or university. Also to teach online courses with better resources. It has tools that will facilitate any creation process or any subject, it is the favorite for University users.

HeySpace strengths:
  1. You have an inbox where you can see the messages you have not read.
  2. It has an interface focused on performing tasks, very easy to use and with many useful tools.
  3. You receive notifications every time someone mentions, writes, or uploads a file to your project.
  4. It has a different space for important comments: If someone makes an important comment, they can move it to a special list where everyone will read it separately.

To communicate effectively in times of quarantine there are many possibilities, what do you think of these alternatives to Discord Which app do you use to communicate with your team or to play?

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