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Pinterest! The program that makes your life easier and more exciting Do you want to catalog recipes? Look them up on Pinterest Do you need inspiration for your outfits? Search their catalogs Build your dream house? With Pinterest you will reveal yourself every night looking for the best answers to the ideas that your restless mind generates … What if we told you that there are other alternatives? Yes, there are alternatives to Pinterest waiting for you and we will tell you all about them in this article.

This app was born in 2010, but its first steps began the year before, when was created as an affiliate website. Pinterest launched its application with a fairly modest budget and almost without expecting it came to be in the top 5 of the social networks with the most followers. It currently accounts for 355 million active users.

Pinterest’s magic stems from the ability of users themselves to create more and more content catalogs for others. People love to categorize and curate content and they also love categorized content, making it like the vicious cycle of money for brand owners.

If you love Pinterest you should also start to consider these options that we have brought you today:

Alternatives to Pinterest:


Mamby is a social platform that is based on the same Pinterest principle, categorizing content based on images, interests and likes. This platform has an Instagram-like algorithm capable of showing you recommendations based on your interests. The main difference with Pinterest is that rewards its users. Yes, it is one of the few social networks that directly benefits you due to the number of likes and the effectiveness, in this case, of your boards created.

Here’s what Mamby looks like :

Mamby, Alternatives to pinterest

If you create content for Mamby you can be rewarded in cryptocurrencies, that is why Mamby is first on this list, it is unique in its kind.


This is Pinterest’s direct competition Have you never heard of it? It is because it is number two and in this fast-paced world, numbers one usually take all the credit. There are not many differences between this app and Pinterest, except for its interface and its aesthetics.

Check it out Juxtapost :

Alternatives to Pinterest Juxtapost

The only functionality that Juxtapost has that Pinterest lacks is the ability to export your boards to a document, so you will not only be able to download your images separately but you will also be able to download complete categories, once you have added them to a board.


The Pinterest for chubby , yes, it only supports food images, it does not allow you to upload any other type of content. It is a version of Pinterest focused on the culinary world.

If you only use Pinterest to search for recipes, or just enjoy both eating and watching food, then you are an ideal user for FoodGawker, take a look and start categorizing everything that gives you pleasure and happiness.

Give your look a treat:

Alternatives to Pinteret FoodGawker

FoodGawker pays special attention to its content, is a page with only selected content, although one works as a social network where you can upload content on your own, you have to wait for the editors approve it and verify that it has to do with food, we are not lying to you It is a Pinterest for chubby!

We Heart It:

It is one of the most peculiar Pinterest alternatives that we could find. It is a social network dominated only by female high school users. It has a stable number of active users, they do not tend to grow, but the content is super optimized for its audience. If you are a teenager, this network will be a perfect complement to your mobile.

We Heart it Feed:

 Alternatives to Pinterest We Hear it

Instead of the classic “Like” button, it has a “I love it” button once you activate it, you can comment on how that post makes you feel. You can also like the photos, but in this case it would be to place them in your feed.

It is quite different and fun if you are between 14 and 17 years old, we recommend you give it a try.


Creative lock? Don’t worry, go to Desingpiration. This app basically works like Pinterest, but it is only focused on design.

Unlock your creativity:

Alternatives to Pinterest Desingspiration

Tons of reference and content curated by and for designers is like graphic artist heaven. Let’s admit it, all designers go to Pinterest looking for something concrete for our work, but soon we ended up seeing photos of puppies, videos of how to build your own Van, or some quick tutorial on urban painting.

Whatever your hobby, this will not distract you in Desingspiration, you will also have content curated and categorized by people like you, with vision.

You’ve heard of these alternatives to Pinterest which one do you plan to try?

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