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No time to read? Don’t worry, we understand you. In this article we bring you all the best options for Audible-like services. You can listen to your books on the way to work, school, in the waiting room, or just enjoy one for pleasure at any time . We will explain how the programs work and we will give you the best alternatives to Audible that you can get.

The philosophy of Audible is simple, listening to books instead of reading them. With this program you can buy audiobooks from a huge catalog of options. You can listen to the titles from any device.

Audible is not a free program, you must have a membership that is paid month by month, the cost of which is a considerable $ 15.

Audible-style programs are a complete experience, once you enter the app you can choose any book to buy and download. They take particular care in the narration, you can listen to a fragment of the audiobook before downloading it, This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Yes, in case you had any doubt, you should not only pay the monthly fee, but then each book has its own rate.

Audible has a Latin version with a wide variety of titles translated and narrated in Spanish by famous actors and broadcasters.

What makes Audible really special is its interface, it is very reminiscent of music or movie services like Spotify and Netflix.

If Audible is too expensive an option for you, you should know that there are multiple different services in the world of audiobooks. Here we bring you a list of the top 4 Audible-like alternatives:

Librivox :

As their name suggests are free books, without a license, without monthly payments , completely free. Librivox is a community in which everyone can volunteer to create an audiobook.

If you were looking for a free option to Audible you can not stop checking Libribox. Its only drawback, obviously, is that the quality of the books varies a lot. Being created by the community itself, you can find anything from audiobooks with excellent audio and first-rate narrators, to some versions that you will have To make an effort to understand, there is also more presence of titles in English than in Spanish.

Audiobooksnow :

If what you were looking for was a fair membership for your service and you don’t want to pay more for books than for Netflix, for example, your final solution is Audiobooksnow. It has more than 80 thousand top quality titles for a membership of only $ 5 a month. They also offer impressive discounts the first month of use, such as 50% on your first purchase and more than 30% on all other purchases.

Its app is compatible with iOS and Android, it offers the advantage of being able to download audio books so that listening to them offline is a possibility.

Finally Audiobooksnow can be used online from your computer, without downloading any program, you just have to enter the website.

Playster :

Our favorite alternative to Audible , Playster does not charge any extra charge to purchase the books, once you have paid the monthly membership you have access to everything without paying more . It has more than 100,000 titles, all of high quality and its cheapest membership is only $ 1.5.

For such a small sum you will be able to download the books and listen to them offline, if you don’t download more than one book per month this initial membership will do you great. If you need to download more than one book per month, you also have different options according to your requirements.

Google play Audiobooks :

The most dangerous competition that Audible has in the market or, with google play you can download any audio book without paying a monthly fee . You only have to pay once per book at the time of download. In other words, you are going to pay only for what you consume, neither more nor less.

Google play Audiobooks is perfect if you don’t want to listen to multiple books a week, the problem with Audible’s monthly plans is that they force you to listen to many titles in order to be worth the investment.

Google has not announced how many titles it has on its platform, so we assume that there should not be many, or at least not an amount comparable to those of the big contenders in the business. However, by not charging a monthly fee this is not a reason to worry, if you find it and like it, download it, it’s that simple.

With these four alternatives you have a wide spectrum of alternatives possibilities for Audible . Which one catches your attention the most?

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