Looking for ideas? Here are the best alternatives to a traditional wedding

Are you planning your wedding but nothing seems to convince you? Do all the plans sound too formal? Do not worry! In this practical guide we offer you alternatives to a traditional wedding so that your party has a style more in line with your personality.

A wedding is one of the most special moments that can exist. It is the celebration of the couple’s love, and the perfect excuse to get together with family, friends and those closest to you . If something has to happen, it is that the bride and groom feel comfortable and have a wonderful day, just like the guests. For this reason, many people decide to give their wedding parties a more personal touch , away from the traditional ways.

There are many alternatives to a traditional wedding that you can choose, depending on style, economy or simply because it is what best suits you. From different locations, with striking landscapes, to very simple options without spending too much.

Alternatives to traditional wedding: Weekend wedding

alternatives to traditional wedding

Weekend weddings are alternatives to traditional weddings that are very fashionable these days. It is about gathering friends and family in the same place to spend a few days together. It is a perfect combination of wedding and vacation , which the guests will certainly enjoy. It can be done in a country house , vineyard or hotel close to the city, with easy access. It can include different moments, such as a reception on arrival, a relaxed lunch or dinner, some sports activities or excursions in the area. And, of course, a special time reserved for the actual wedding ceremony.

Travel wedding

One of the most interesting options to have a different wedding is the one that involves a trip out of the city . Whether within the country or abroad, the destination to choose is usually tourist or, at least, have a structure to receive guests. Many hotels , resorts , estancias or vineyards offer this type of service. The guests can stay in the same place as the bride and groom and share a whole weekend (or even more) until the moment of the ceremony . The couple can decide to spend their honeymoon in the same place, or move later to another destination.

This is one of the alternatives to a traditional wedding that offers the most variety of options. Of course, the choice of location is essential. It takes some work to organize a wedding far from your city of residence, but many hotels or agencies offer help in that regard. Also, depending on the budget, you have to consider the facilities you are going to use for the ceremony . And another important point is the guests. Taking into account that they must travel and pay for travel expenses, the list of attendees will surely be reduced a little , leaving only the closest ones.

Alternatives to traditional wedding: Surprise wedding

Yes, a wedding takes a lot of planning but it can also be a surprise. In this case, unlike traditional parties, the surprise will be for the guests . The idea that the closest family and friends are invited to an event that works as a screen. And when the guests arrive, they find that it was actually an excuse to have them present at the time of the wedding . You can take advantage of some other occasion, such as a family reunion or a New Year’s Eve party.

This alternative to a traditional wedding requires different planning, in which everything is kept secret. Surely, you will need some help, so a family member or friend may be aware of the surprise . This way, you can collaborate with the organization and ensure that all the guests attend the event.

Novel wedding


A wedding can also be an occasion to do some different activity that you have pending in life . This type of ceremony is usually accompanied by a small group of family and friends. Some alternatives to a traditional wedding can be celebrated on a yacht , on the beach or in some other unique circumstance . The bride and groom can take a ride in a hot air balloonostatic or diving into a diving session . The important thing is that the wedding becomes an unforgettable experience for the couple, and that they enjoy it with the closest family and friends. There is no need for such detailed planning, as the event will not have many formalities. This can make the ceremony, in addition to being a lot of fun, quite a bit more economical.

Casual wedding

alternatives to wedding traditional

This type of celebration seeks to highlight the simple spirit and the deepest values, leaving aside the superficialities. No fancy dresses or excessive decorations are required for the couple to celebrate their love. Simply, enjoying that moment with family and friends already makes the day special . It can be celebrated with a picnic , an informal meeting or simply a delicious meal . The bride and groom can wear beautiful but more relaxed dresses, without so much formality; and the same for the guests. Nothing like a big wedding cake or the classic traditional festivities. Rather, it is a relaxed occasion that can also be more economical.

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