Looking for alternatives to Victoria’s Secret?

If you are here it is because you love Victoria Secret and you are looking for similar options to expand your wardrobe, or because you have heard all the controversy surrounding the brand and you no longer want to support it anymore. Whatever your reason, in this article you will find the best brands that we could get on the internet to replace or complement your pieces. We will only show you the alternatives to Victoria´s Secret that are more similar , or that complement it better.

What happened to Victoria´s Secret? Chronicle of the scandal:

Scandals and bad practices have accompanied the brand since the 1990s, but this year has been fatal to the company’s image.

The chronicle begins in August last year, in 2019 when the brand’s marketing director, Ed Razeck, offered an interview for Vouge. In the controversial interview, Razeck makes it clear that Victoria Secret does not agree with the plus size models nor the Transgender , according to him by the established Values ​​of the company.

The brand was widely criticized, putting it in the eye of the hurricane, the perfect time for the New York Times to reveal an investigation that was already underway. According to the American newspaper there is a culture of misogyny, harassment and harassment within the company. Multiple sources of employees, executives and models confirm that managers were involved in cases of sexual harassment, both with the models and the staff.

2018 was the last annual Victoria´s Secret fashion show, what was a world event has now been canceled, the 2019 one was not held.

After the Times report, sales have dropped 10% in total in the last 3 quarters and the value of the company in the market does not stop falling.

Even supermodel Bella Hadid is, according to the report, among potential victims of sexual harassment at work. Her case is supported by the testimony of three eyewitnesses.

Alternatives to Victoria´s Secret:

Don’t worry, we know that not loving the brand’s products is difficult, its playful prints and fun shops are a temptation. For this reason we investigate and prepare a list of the best alternatives to Victoria´s Secret:

Savage X Fenty :

A lingerie brand created by Rihana, the queen of pop. Could there be more to ask the universe? This brand includes large sizes and the best are its thematic lines. Savage X Fenty is unlike any other brand on the market.

Thirdlove :

This is a brand founded by a former Victoria’s Secret executive and how you can discover it is completely inclusive. We liked it for its beautiful and unusual colored garments.

Intimissimi :

If you were looking for sexy underwear this is your favorite brand. A variety of captivating models, colors and lines await you here.

Nubian Skin :

If you love bra style “naked” or “naked”, this is the perfect store for you, they have for all skin tones. Unlike Victoria’s Secret in which the word “nude” means beige, this brand takes into account the different possibilities.

What is your favorite alternative to Victoria´s Secret ?

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