Alternatives to Braces for Adults

Do you need to correct your teeth but don’t want to use braces? Are there alternatives to braces ? We understand you, no adult wants to look like a primary school child with a mouth full of colorful metal.

Good news! L a dental medicine has advanced enough to give you varied and effective options. In this article we will tell you all in detail, with its pros and cons.

The first thing we have to tell you before we start is that classic metal braces or gadgets aren’t that bad.

Braces for adults are far from being a product in extinction, perhaps you have the memory of the braces that your friends used to wear in elementary school, or you only have references from movies where they always exaggerate the brackets of their protagonists.

The truth is that the technology of classic metal braces has changed, they are much smaller and more comfortable, they also support all kinds of treatments.

Alternatives to braces, the best options

The options that we will give you in this list work for certain cases as alternatives to braces, not all types of corrections are possible with them, but do not worry, we will tell you everything that can and cannot be done with these alternatives.

Invisible ceramic braces:

They are possibly the most similar option to traditional braces, they have practically the same resistance, they are not easy to break or damage.

 ceramic braces

 ceramic braces alternative to braces

This is a popular choice among adults, they camouflage better between the teeth and give a more natural appearance than metallic ones.

The best news that we can give you if you plan to opt for this type of brace is that you can fix any defect such as if you used metal braces .

Benefits of ceramic braces for adults:

  • The treatment is guaranteed since you will not be able to take them off once they are put on.
  • Its efficiency is tried and tested.
  • Discreet and natural, they camouflage with the teeth.
  • They do not affect the way of speaking.

Cons of adult ceramic braces:

  • They need more maintenance, you have to wash them frequently.
  • Requires some dietary changes.
  • They will be uncomfortable the first weeks and especially when it is time to squeeze them.


Invisaling is a very popular product in the adult orthodontic market.

For many it is the best option on the market, however cannot correct all kinds of problems, will only align the slightest deviations.

If you are lucky enough to be able to use them to solve your problems, you will get a comfortable product, which you can remove to eat and brush your teeth.

Invisaling must be used all the time , even to sleep, or rather, especially to sleep. The teeth have memory and try to return to their original position at every opportunity.

The main advantage of this product is that it is practically invisible, as long as you do not speak, nobody will notice that you have it on.

Yes, as you can imagine changes the way of speaking a little, you will have to get used to it the first few weeks.

Pros of using Invisaling :

  • They are practically invisible.
  • They are easy to remove and put on.
  • They do not need changes in diet.
  • Much less uncomfortable than braces, you will prevent the wires from digging into your tongue, gums or cheeks.
  • Much less expense in appointments to make modifications.

Cons of using Invisaling :

  • You will be tempted to take them off, if you don’t use them all the time you will lose the treatment.
  • Slightly affect your diction.
  • They can’t solve all orthodontic problems.

Porcelain veneers:

Can deviations of the teeth be corrected with porcelain veneers?

The answer is no , if your teeth require the intervention of an orthodontist, then the problem cannot be fixed with veneers. If your problem can be fixed with veneers, then it doesn’t warrant orthodontics.

What are porcelain veneers for? To improve the appearance of the front of the tooth, not its position. You will make them look more aesthetic, but they will not fix the problem.

Let’s do a mental exercise, imagine a white shark with its mouth open and each white tooth, perfect, without deformations, but in its characteristic place, stacked one after another. It is still terrifying, isn’t it?

That will be exactly the effect that a veneer can have on your misaligned teeth. Veneers are not an alternative to braces.

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