All best alternatives to Crutches

Have you been injured Now you need to keep your ankle out of harm’s way by pulling the weight of your body off it. Crutches are an effective and traditional solution to the challenge of safeguarding your foot, but did you know that this is not the only way? There are already much more modern and versatile alternatives to crutches. Technology advances and medicine is no exception to the rule.

Luckily for you in this 2020 there is a wide variety of innovative and reinvented options to give alternatives to the popular crutches, below you will find a detailed list of all the possibilities.

The iWALK 2.0, the “Hands-free” crutches:

This alternative is perfect for anyone with ankle injuries or foot in general. It offers a very comfortable knee support that allows you to have hands free . The renewed version of the pirate stick leg is comfortable, made with quality materials and especially versatile.

It is not recommended for people who are overweight or not very agile , using it requires a little bit more familiarity with crutches. It is also not recommended for the elderly.

This is an article designed for active users who do not want or cannot afford to have their hands full and totally disabled throughout the day. You can cook, walk the dog and do daily tasks with ease. [/ embed]

Ergobaum® Prime 7TH Generation by Ergoactives:

This article is the one that best combines modernity with the traditional concept of crutches, are ergonomic crutches with support on the forearms. Perfect to use them safely on any occasion, especially outside the house.

The advantages of using these crutches against the traditional ones are incomparable. We use them for an extended period of time and we can tell you that do not cause any damage in the support areas, traditional crutches soon begin to damage the area of ​​your armpits and the back of your shoulders .

They have the advantage that they are practical, portable, extremely light and completely ergonomic, they adapt to the user. We recommend them for all kinds of people, you will need some strength to use them, but it is not much. If you are weak due to any side effect of the injury, we recommend you opt for the traditional ones.

After a couple of weeks using them we even learned to run with them, they are almost a means of transportation on their own, their only drawback is the price.

All Terrain KneeRover:

If you were looking for ease and speed this is your article. Without much effort you can cover long distances with the All Terrain KneeRover, is designed to give extended mobility to people with ankle injuries or operations on the lower leg.

It is very good outdoors, has a tensioning system that gives more control to the user and also offers a basket to place objects. Its disadvantage is that it must be supplemented with crutches in small interiors, it is not the most recommended article for walking at home and it is completely useless on stairs.

What is your alternative to crutches favorite? If you have tried any of these articles leave us a comment.

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